Behavioural Activation Training (1-year access)

Cost £200



OCTC is proud to offer the excellent training in BA that was developed by The Centre for Research on Dissemination at Oxford (CREDO) with Christopher Martell, funded by the Wellcome Trust. The training is a detailed, clinically-rich online course for training therapists to deliver high quality behavioural activation (BA) treatment for depression.

Once the purchase has been made, it may take up to two weeks for you to receive your login details, although in many cases this should occur within 48 hours. The access details will come from Please add this to your address book (or check your junk mail folder) to ensure you receive this information.


The BA training website is designed to help therapists implement BA well. The basic course should take about 9 hours to complete. It is largely video-based and consists of a Course Map, 11 training modules, a summary module and the Library. The Modules provide a detailed practical description of how to implement BA. They are linear in their organisation and additive in nature. It is therefore important to work through the Modules in the order in which the material is presented. In contrast, The Library is a repository of training material that can be accessed at any time. The website may be viewed on a wide range of equipment (tablets, laptops and desktop computers, but not phones).

The Modules

The first 2 Modules cover Background Theory, Principles and Research and give an overview and introduction to BA.

Modules 3 and 4 give a Broad Overview of BA, including the course of treatment as well as the style and stance of the therapist.

Module 5 provides an intermediate summary and a therapy road map that guides you through the implementation of BA.

Modules 6 and 7 provide the Why and How of BA, detailing the BA model of depression that guides the treatment and strategies for guided action to help clients engage in life.

Modules 8, 9, 10, and 11 provide the Nuts and Bolts of Treatment, including activity monitoring and scheduling, dealing with barriers to activation, consolidating gains and relapse prevention. Problems that may arise in BA are also presented with recommended solutions.

The summary module serves as a final overview of the treatment as presented.

The Library

The Library is a repository of training material to be consulted at any time. It contains the following material:
1. All the material from the modules.
2. A large number of acted patient-therapist clinical demonstrations. These are longer than those embedded within the Course.

How to Use the Training

The training is designed to be completed over a period of 20 weeks. This matches the time taken to complete the treatment of a suitable patient (client).

Training Cases

Web-centred training involves working through the material on the website while simultaneously implementing the treatment with one or two cases. Therapists should complete Modules 1- 5 before beginning to treat their patients. Suitable training cases are
those that meet the following criteria:

i. Safe to manage as outpatients
ii. Aged 18 or over
iii. Have major depression as their primary diagnosis
iv. Are not actively suicidal or have a history of suicidality or self-harm
v. Do not have psychotic features or a diagnosis of bipolar disorder or personality

Please note that clinical responsibility for the patient’s management remains unchanged
during web-centred training (i.e. it remains with the therapist and the local arrangements).

Eligible Therapists

To be suitable to complete web-centred training, therapists should meet these criteria:
i. Have a genuine desire to learn BA
ii. Have already received training in the delivery of short-term psychological treatments.
iii. Currently work with depressed patients clients
iv. Be able to recruit one or more suitable training cases prior to starting the training and be able to treat them while following the 20-week training programme.
v. Be able to devote the time needed to complete the training programme (10 – 15 hours online over 20 weeks) plus the time needed to treat one or more training cases.




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