Workshop Programme 2024 - 2025

Open workshop programme

Workshops are charged at £140 per day. Numbers are capped to ensure plenty of opportunity for interaction and skills development.*

‘Introduction to CBT’ 8-day course

Places charged at:

Group Booking Discount

To take advantage of this offer, please contact us here for more information. N.B. the group booking discount is not applicable on the ‘Introduction to CBT’ 8-day course which offers a separate discount as described above. *Our workshops provide an approximate 50:50 split between theory and skills.


Certificate of Attendance

A digital certificate that states the hours of participation in the workshop will be emailed to you after the training event. If you misplace your certificate, you can request a replacement for £5 per certificate but would need to provide details of the dates and titles of the workshops you attended.   WORKSHOP REGISTRATION CLOSING DATES CAN BE FOUND ON EACH OF THE WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION PAGES
Workshop title
18 Sep - 04Dec more
08 Oct more
09 Oct more
17 Oct more
05 Nov more
07 Nov more
15 Jan - 25Mar more
11 Feb more
25 Feb - 26Feb more
19 Mar more
04 Apr more
19 May more