Tailored Training

Copenhagen 2004

A wide range of workshops can be provided at your own venue, at any level from basic to advanced. Below are examples of available workshops, but others can be arranged to meet your specific needs, depending on trainer availability. We provide training for many customers across the UK and abroad, including Poland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, the Middle East and many others.

Basic level:

1ST COHORT GRADUATION, POLANDPoland 1st cohort graduation

  • The 8 day ‘Introduction to CBT’ course, similar to the one we run in Oxford
  • CBT Assessment and Formulation
  • Basic CBT therapeutic techniques (identifying & working with negative cognitions, Socratic questioning, behavioural experiments, etc.)
  • CBT for specific focal problems (depression, panic, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety, generalised anxiety, health anxiety, PTSD, etc.)

More advanced topics:

Iceland workshop 2006

  • Formulation: the relationship between theory and practice
  • Cognitive methods for dealing with assumptions and beliefs
  • Cognitive therapy for people who have been abused in childhood
  • Cognitive therapy for low self-esteem
  • Cognitive therapy for symptoms of dissociation
  • Schema-focused cognitive therapy / cognitive therapy for personality disorders
  • Interpersonal processes in cognitive therapy
  • Cognitive therapy for multi-impulsive behaviours
  • Supervision in cognitive therapy
  • Mindfulness based cognitive therapy
  • Working with chronic depression
  • Doing research
  • Imagery
  • The brain & trauma
  • Therapist factors in CBT
  • Procrastination

Workshop fees:

Our standard workshop fees are £1200 per day (or £675 for a half-day), plus expenses (i.e. travel, subsistence, accommodation, etc) for a maximum of 25 participants. If a commission involves substantial travel time we may need to charge for such time; this will be negotiated with you.

Higher numbers of participants can be negotiated for some workshops, with a sliding scale for fees: £1300 for up to 40 participants; £1400 for up to 50 participants; then an additional £100 per 10 participants over 50 up to 100.

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