Short Course in Advanced Skills: Research Skills

All OCTC Postgraduate Courses in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) are run in collaboration with the University of Oxford's Department for Continuing Education.  Our new programme provides an accessible and flexible format of CBT training, well suited to the needs of contemporary mental health practitioners, whilst maintaining the 'gold-standard' delivered over the past two decades.

Course Lead: Dr Sarah Rakovshik

Clinicians wishing to acquire a foundation in research design and methodology may attend the preparatory module of the MSc. The teaching and discussion will prepare students to develop a comprehensive proposal for research that can be carried out in their clinical setting.

Short courses can be taken for a University of Oxford “Attendance only” certificate, or as an assessed course for 15 University of Oxford CATS.

Applications closing date: 

5 August 2019, 12 noon

Teaching dates for the RSC will be:
16 – 18 September 2019
11 – 12 November 2019

Further information is now available on the University of Oxford Dept for Continuing Education website.