This is a comprehensive training for clinicians already competent in generic CBT and wishing to develop specialist skills in CBT for psychosis. Places are limited as per HEE directions and applications must be made in agreement with your local trust



easter school workshop programme (14th – 17th march 2016)

Day 1: Early Interventions in Psychosis (Facilitated by Dr Louise Johns, University of Oxford)

  • CBT for adolescents with psychosis – Dr Sophie Browning (South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust).
  • Prevention of long term social disability amongst young people with emerging psychological difficulties – Prof David Fowler (University of Sussex).


Day 2: Recent Advances in CBT for Delusions (Facilitated by Prof Daniel Freeman, University of Oxford)

  • An overview of current knowledge and future directions in the treatment of persecutory delusions – Prof Daniel Freeman (University of Oxford).
  • Treatment of worry in persecutory delusions – Dr Bryony Sheaves (University of Oxford) & Dr Louise Isham (University of Oxford; Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre).
  • Working with disrupted sleep in psychosis – Dr Felicity Waite (University of Oxford).
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence in psychosis – Prof Daniel Freeman (University of Oxford).
  • Re-learning safety – Prof Daniel Freeman (University of Oxford).


Day 3: Working with Hallucinations (Facilitated by Dr Louise Johns, University of Oxford)

  • Working with command hallucinations – Dr Alan Meaden (Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust) 
  • Avatar therapy for voices – Dr Tom Ward (King’s College London) 


Day 4: At Risk Mental States; Working with Trauma (Facilitated by Prof Daniel Freeman,   University of Oxford)

  • Working with At Risk Mental States (ARMS) – Dr Majella Byrne (King’s College London) & Dr Louise Johns (University of Oxford).
  • Treating trauma in psychosis – Dr Tonnie Staring (Altrecht Psychiatric Institute, Utrecht) 


octc psychosis series workshopS (2016 – 2017)

Top up training includes access to 7 full day Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre psychosis series workshops across 2016-2017:

Trainers include: Dr Amy Hardy (King’s College London); Dr Louise Isham (University of Oxford, OCTC); Dr Louise Johns (University of Oxford); Prof Tony Morrison (University of Manchester); Dr Joe Oliver (King’s College London); Dr Craig Steel (University of Reading).




Students will have access to the whole OCTC Online Training Programme during their studies.
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Easter school 2017

Students will be invited to attend an Easter school (dates to be confirmed). Provisional topics likely to be included are:

  • Working with negative symptoms
  • Working with thought disorder
  • CBT for bipolar disorder
  • Reasoning biases in psychosis
  • Culture and psychosis
  • Cognitive functioning and psychosis
  • Working with carers




Top up training includes 14-sessions of small group CBT for psychosis supervision, provided by experts in CBTp practice and supervision. Students will be able to bring recorded excerpts from therapy to supervision and recordings of full therapy sessions will be formally assessed by supervisors.


Closing date for applications: 25th February 2016



pdf HEE CBTp Top-up Overview

pdf Oxford CBTp Top-up Training Prospectus

pdf Oxford CBTp Top-up Training Application Form