Private Clinic

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The OCTC clinic provides private cognitive therapy. Our staff comprises experienced cognitive therapists whose work is supervised to ensure good practice.

OCTC runs a small private clinic. When we receive a referral for treatment we offer a brief telephone session with an experienced clinician. This enables us to discuss problems in detail and then consider the appropriateness of therapy. Following an assessment, we can prepare a psychological report summarising the problem(s), questionnaire results and suggestions for overcoming difficulties. Subsequent sessions can be organised at your convenience, although generally we can only offer appointments during office hours.

We also provide a consultation service, whereby we offer a lengthier assessment and propose management guidelines for another professional – your specialist doctor or your local therapist, for example.

How to make a referral

The OCTC clinic is currently not taking new referrals.

Although we try to take on all appropriate referrals, because the clinic is small, there is sometimes limited availability of clinicians. You will be informed of possible waiting times when you contact the clinic. You can refer yourself to us, although where possible we prefer referrals to be made through your general practitioner (GP) or medical consultant. In general, we offer treatment to people over the age of 18 years.

Initial contact can be made by telephone or letter:

OCTC Clinic
Warneford Hospital
Tel: 01865 902801
Fax: 01865 337416

If you think that your treatment might be covered by private insurance please contact them before beginning treatment with us to establish the terms of your policy.  We require payment for sessions directly at the time of each appointment by cash or cheque.  We do not deal directly with insurance companies.


Payment is due at the end of each session by cheque or in cash. Unfortunately we are unable to accept debit/credit card payments.

Assessment & Treatment


£150 per 90 minutes Assessment session
£100 per 60 minutes Treatment session

Travel rates

(if relevant)

£50 per hour
+ public transport or mileage at 45p per mile.

Telephone contact

£100 per hour
(excludes brief calls, to clarify or change appointments)

Cancellation fee

(if less than 24 hours notice)


Non attendance fee