Working with core beliefs (77min)

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Topic: Sometimes, in CBT, the therapist needs to move beyond automatic cognitions to fundamental beliefs. This workshop gives guidance on when this is appropriate and how to elicit core beliefs in ways that are sensitive to the client’s needs and personal resources. It then describes three key techniques for working with them: continuum work, a powerful strategy for combating the extreme quality of problem core beliefs; positive data logs which are helpful in constructing more adaptive beliefs; and keeping flashcards, an essential technique for consolidating progress.

Presenter: Helen Kennerley is an experienced clinician now specialising in childhood trauma, dissociative disorders, and self-injurious behaviours and a BABCP accredited therapist, supervisor and trainer.

Level: Intermediate-Advanced: this presentation will be relevant to those seeking a theoretical and practical introduction to working with core beliefs and people who wish to continue their professional development.  It is suitable for IAPT high-intensity trainees and workers as well as other qualified CBT staff.

  • What are core beliefs? (duration 12:34)
  • Downward arrowing (duration 12:02)
  • Continuum work (duration: 24:37)
  • Positive data logs (duration 14:57)
  • Records and flashcards (duration 12:49)