Socratic method (89min)

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Topic: Socratic questioning has been called “the cornerstone of cognitive therapy”. This workshop tells you what it is and shows you how it’s done. It describes in detail a key technique – downward arrowing – and examines the use of Socratic method across the breadth of therapy: in assessment, in challenging unhelpful cognitions and in problem solving and testing predictions. The dos and don’ts of Socratic method are also addressed. This presentation will be relevant to all cognitive therapists who want to develop or refresh their basic skills, and ensure that they get the most from Socratic work.

Presenter: Helen Kennerley is an experienced clinician now specialising in childhood trauma, dissociative disorders, and self-injurious behaviours and a BABCP accredited therapist, supervisor and trainer.

Level: Basic: Suitable for high-intensity trainees and workers involved in the IAPT programme. It will suit other qualified CBT therapists too.

  • What is Socratic method? (duration 12:38)
  • How is it done? (duration 21:02)
  • Downward arrowing (duration 12:34)
  • The versatility of Socratic method (duration 42:51)