Goal setting (39min)

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Topic: Introduction to goal setting: The purpose of this module is to highlight the importance of goal setting in CBT, and to introduce some of the key principles and practices of goal setting. In particular, the focus is on: the value of goal setting; setting goals which will be useful; key questions in goal setting; other key techniques (e.g. imagery) which facilitate goal setting. The presentation features a role-play with a depressed client where some of the key questions and techniques are utilised.

Further strategies to enhance goal attainment: It is one thing to set goals. It is another to achieve them. This presentation focuses on two techniques to enhance goal attainment: identifying strategies to achieve goals (outcomes), as well as the outcomes themselves; and using a dimensional, or continuum, approach to goal-setting as an aid to measuring and re-measuring for certain types of goals. A role-play demonstrates the use of these techniques with the same depressed client as in the introduction to goal setting presentation

Presenter: James Bennett-Levy – recognised as one of the leading writers/researchers on CBT training and therapist skills development. James has developed an innovative self-experiential approach to CBT training known as self-practice/self-reflection.Level: Basic

Level: Basic: Suitable for high & low-intensity trainees and workers withing the IAPT programme or practitioners with basic CBT training.

  • Introduction to goal setting (duration 17:44)
  • Further strategies to enhance goal attainment (21:06)