Enhancing self-esteem (143min 30sec)

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Topic: This presentation demonstrate how a cognitive model of low self-esteem, developed by the presenter, can help clinicians understand the development and maintenance of one of the most common transdiagnostic problems encountered in clinical practice. A coherent treatment programme is suggested, based closely on the model. Key points are illustrated with extracts from therapy sessions with a client with low self-esteem, and there are opportunities to apply the ideas to your own clients.

Presenter: Melanie Fennell was a pioneer of cognitive therapy for depression in the UK, and a founder member of OCTC. In July 2002, at their 30th Anniversary Conference, she was voted “Most Influential Female UK Cognitive Therapist” by the membership of the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies.

Level: Intermediate-Advanced: This module is suitable for high-intensity IAPT trainees and workers or practitioners seeking professional guidance in developing their knowledge about self esteem.

  • Introduction (FREE) (duration 2:38)
  • What is low self-esteem: A cognitive perspective (duration 13.35)
  • How low self-esteem develops (duration 37:28)
  • An overview of cognitive therapy for low self-esteem (duration 12:03)
  • What maintains low self-esteem? (duration 35:31)
  • Undermining old negative beliefs about self (duration 32:32)
  • Enhancing self-acceptance: practical suggestions (duration 33:33)