Enhanced reliving in PTSD (109min)

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Topic: Despite a compelling evidence base, and expert guidance, clinicians are often reluctant to use reliving as a therapeutic tool. This presentation takes you through the process of preparing a patient for reliving; how to use reliving to construct a coherent narrative and find unhelpful appraisals; and how to re-insert updated information into the trauma memory. Common obstacles and how to overcome them will also be described. Feedback on this process from patients will be given. This presentation contains three chapters:

  • Preparing for reliving: In this chapter Martina will describe when reliving is necessary and how to help your patient get ready for it.
  • Reliving a traumatic event: In this chapter Martina will demonstrate how to carry out a reliving session, and how to identify unhelpful appraisals. This process is illustrated by a video of role-played reliving session of a Road Traffic Accident.
  • Inserting updated information: In this chapter you will be shown how to insert updated information into a traumatic hotspot. The process is illustrated with another role-play video.

Presenter: Martina Mueller is widely respected for her innovative clinical work with patients with PTSD, especially for her creative behavioural experiments; and for the lively, stimulating workshops she runs as a trainer with Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre.

Level: Intermediate-Advanced: This module is suitable for high-intensity IAPT trainees and workers or professionals who have knowledge about CBT, but would like to improve their skills and broaden the variety of CBT techniques they employ.

  • Preparing for reliving (duration 36:57)
  • Reliving a traumatic event (duration 34:23)