Compassionate mind (139min 30sec)

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Topic: This module explores the use of compassion focused approaches to work with shame and self-attacking thoughts. First, we explore the theoretical background of compassionate mind as developed by Paul Gilbert. Then we move onto to look at how to formulate cases using this approach. Specific ways of working with self-criticism and shame based memories, through the development of compassion, are presented. Finally, the use and development of compassionate imagery, the perfect nurturer’ is presented.

Presenter: Deborah Lee is a founder member of the first Traumatic Stress Service in the UK. She currently runs the specialist Trauma Service in Reading.

Level: Intermediate-Advanced: This module is also suitable for high-intensity workers and trainees involved in the IAPT programme or experienced CBT practitioners.

  • Introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy (duration 23:03)
  • Formulating cases from a CFT perspective (duration 26:32)
  • Introducing the concept of compassion (duration 39:35)
  • Working with critical dialogues (duration 11.10)
  • Developing a perfect nurturer using compassionate imagery (duration 20:12)
  • Working with shame memories (duration 19:07)