Collaborative working: starting sessions (70min 30sec)

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Topic: Start as you mean to go on. This module shows you how to use the collaborative style of CBT to maximise the effectiveness of treatment. The role-play will demonstrate using the technique in practice, even when working with a talkative patient, or when there is a problem in the therapeutic relationship. This module also demonstrates the value of keeping the cognitive formulation, including ideas about underlying beliefs, in mind at all times.

Presenter: Gillian Butler – In 2002, BABCP members voted Gillian one of the most influential female cognitive therapists in Britain.

Level: Basic: Suitable for high and low-intensity trainees or workers within the IAPT programme or CBT therapists with basic knowledge. Not only the sessions familiarise you with the collaborative method, but they will also demonstrate how to use the technique in practice.

  • Starting with setting an agenda (duration 25:50)
  • Starting with the relationship (duration 19:11)
  • Starting with the work of the session (duration 25:22)