CBT for panic disorder and agoraphobia (139min 40sec)

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Topic: These presentations guide the therapist through the stages of CBT for panic and agoraphobia. Role plays and lecture are used to show how to draw out a collaborative formulation, socialise the patient to the cognitive model, design effective behavioural experiments, and use imagery techniques to work with upsetting memories and images.

Presenter: Ann Hackman – particularly known for her pioneering research, writing and teaching on the role of imagery and memory in the anxiety disorders, and Freda McManus – currently the Director of the University of Oxford’s Postgraduate (Masters level) Diploma in Cognitive Therapy, and a Clinical Research Fellow in the University of Oxford’s Department of Psychiatry.

Level: Intermediate-Advanced: The presentations are suitable for high-intensity trainees and workers within the IAPT programme or experienced CBT practitioners.

  • Understanding panic disorder (duration 22:09)
  • Treatment of panic disorder: discovering the true causes and consequences of panic symptoms (duration 34:56)
  • Understanding agoraphobia (duration 9:31)
  • Comparing image against reality in agoraphobia (duration 24:57)
  • Re-scripting upsetting memories in agoraphobia (duration 47:11)