CBT for obsessive compulsive disorder (96min 30sec)

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Topic: The cognitive model of OCD and outline of treatment:  looks at the similarities and differences of OCD from other anxiety disorders, the cognitive model of OCD and an overall outline of treatment. Emphasis in treatment is on highlighting the role of appraisal rather than focusing on the intrusive thoughts and a video role-play will illustrate this

 Assessment and beginning treatment: Assessment and the basic strategies of early treatment will be described, such as normalisation, formulation and the alternative hypothesis. Also how to facilitate engagement and deal with reassurance-seeking.

 Challenging appraisals and behavioural experiments: you will learn how to help the client challenge their appraisals by various methods, including the use of a pie-chart appropriate behavioural experiments will be discussed and ideas for dealing with obsessional thoughts (in the absence of overt rituals).

Presenter: Norma Morrison who was a member of Prof. Paul Salkovskis’ team on the OCD Treatment Trial from 1995-2000, and has co-written chapters on OCD in the Oxford Guide to Behavioural Experiments.

Level: Intermediate-Advanced: Suitable for the IAPT high-intensity workers and trainees or professionals with advanced skills.

  • The cognitive model of OCD and outline of treatment (duration 26:33)
  • Assessment and beginning treatment (duration 29:36)
  • Challenging appraisals and behavioural experiments (duration 40:32)