CBT assessment and formulation (145min 30sec)

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Topic: In this presentation David outlines the nature and role of CBT ‘formulation’, a powerful tool for making sense of psychological problems so as to help both client and therapist to think clearly about them and come up with a therapeutic plan.
Later chapters show you how to carry out an assessment using a CBT model, and how to use the information from that assessment to develop a CBT formulation in collaboration with your client. These strategies are illustrated by a role-play of an initial assessment session & a subsequent session on developing the formulation.

Presenter: David Westbrook– a founder member and a former director of OCTC. David was a BABCP accredited therapist, trainer & supervisorHe was one of the editors of the Oxford Guide to Behavioural Experiments in Cognitive Therapy, and together with Helen Kennerley and Joan Kirk he wrote a new book for beginners, An introduction to CBT: skills & applications.

Level: Basic: Suitable for IAPT high and low-intensity trainees or workers who understand the basic CBT concepts, but wish to improve their understanding of this particular tool – the role play will help you turn theory into practice.

  • The nature and role of CBT formulation (duration 14:57)
  • Doing a CBT assessment: part 1 (duration 32:49)
  • Doing a CBT assessment: part 2 (duration 30:39)
  • Doing a CBT assessment: part 3 (duration 22.49)
  • Making a formulation (duration 44:02)