Behavioural experiments (63min)

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Topic: An introduction to behaviour experiments: This presentation provides an overview of Behavioural Experiments. In particular:

  • Understanding the rationale for behavioural experiments
  • Understanding their theoretical base
  • Providing a framework and typology for behavioural experiments to enable clinicians to consider different types of behavioural experiment, and devise an experiment appropriate to the particular circumstance. 

Behaviour experiments in depression:

  • In Part 1, we address a typical problem in depression – withdrawal from friends – and set up a behavioural experiment to test the clients ideas that her friends won’t want to see her, and they’ll think of her as ‘pathetic’.
  • In Part 2, we take another typical problem in depression – being disorganised – and use the Weekly Activity Schedule as a behavioural experiment, to help test out a new idea, ‘I’m an organised person’.

Presenter: James Bennett-Levy – recognised as one of the leading writers/researchers on CBT training and therapist skills development. James has developed an innovative self-experiential approach to CBT training known as self-practice/self-reflection.

Level: Basic: These modules are suitable for high-intensity trainees and workers on the IAPT programme and practitioners with basic CBT training.

  • An introduction to behavioural experiments (duration 25:18)
  • Behavioural experiments in depression: part 1 (duration 19:48)
  • Behavioural experiments in depression: part 2 (duration 18:38)