Socratic Method

Helen Kennerley

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Socratic Method is considered one of the cornerstones of CBT. It is a versatile means of helping clients develop
their own understandings of, and solutions to, their problems and is a key technique in the armoury of
the CBT practitioner. This brief guide for clinicians describes how to get the most out of Socratic Methods.

Helen Kennerley is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with OCTC and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, and
Director of the Advanced Cognitive Therapy Studies course in Oxford. She has written several books including a popular
self-help guide to overcoming anxiety and has co-authored a best-selling guide to CBT for clinicians. In 2002, she was
voted one of the most influential female cognitive therapist in Britain by members of the British Association of Behavioural
and Cognitive Psychotherapy.

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