Recovering from PTSD

Martina Mueller

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Traumatic experiences (such as assaults, serious accidents, acts of terrorism and natural disasters) can
happen to anyone. Recovery from such terrible events can be difficult and sometimes survivors develop Posttraumatic
Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result. This is a debilitating disorder which causes people to feel frightened or overwhelmed, stuck in the past and disconnected from the present. This booklet offers trauma survivors tried and tested tools to help them
recover from PTSD. The methods explained here can be used alone or with help from a friend or therapist.

Martina Mueller is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who works with OCTC and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.
She specializes in the treatment of disorders following adult trauma. She has co-edited two guides for clinicians and is
Course Director for the Postgraduate Certificate in CBT for Psychological Trauma that OCTC runs in collaboration with
the University Of Oxford.

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