Managing Bipolar Disorder

Joanne Ryder, Helen Close and Khadija Rouf

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Bipolar Disorder is a mental health problem which leads to mood changes, both depression and mania. It
can be a distressing condition, and can lead people to experience other problems, such as anxiety and a loss
of confidence.
Combined with medical help, psychological approaches can help to manage mood swings, promote recovery
and prevent relapse. This booklet is based on cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, and outlines strategies
from current research and best clinical practice. Using these techniques regularly can help readers develop
ways to manage mood swings and regain confidence.

Joanne Ryder, is a Consultant Counselling Psychologist and accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist,
Supervisor and Trainer with Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust Psychological Therapies Pathway. She works with
adults with a range of mental health difficulties.

Dr Helen Close and Dr Khadija Rouf, are Consultant Clinical Psychologists and cognitive therapists, working with
adults with a range of mental health problems in specialist Psychological Services. They all have longstanding special
interests in working in Bipolar Affective Disorder.

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