Managing anxiety: a user’s manual (Booklet + CD Version)

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Anxiety is a common mental health problem but one which can be helped using a CBT approach. This short
and easy to read booklet offers a step-by-step guide to dealing with problem worries, fears and anxieties. It
first helps the user develop a better understanding of anxiety and then introduces some basic cognitive and
behavioural coping skills. It is based on CBT programme which was developed over ten years and which used
patient feedback to adjust and improve it.

N.B. The CD included with this booklet is a copy of HOW TO RELAX.

Helen Kennerley is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with OCTC and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, and
Director of the Advanced Cognitive Therapy Studies course in Oxford. She has written several books including a popular
self-help guide to overcoming anxiety and has co-authored a best-selling guide to CBT for clinicians. In 2002, she was
voted one of the most influential female cognitive therapist in Britain by members of the British Association of Behavioural
and Cognitive Psychotherapy.

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