Changing perfectionism

Sarah Egan, Roz Shafran & Tracey Wade

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Perfectionism can be helpful but it can also be unhelpful. It is associated with a range of mental health problems
and can interfere with many aspects of life. This booklet describes ‘clinical perfectionism’ and its link with how
people evaluate themselves. It uses cognitive behavioural methods to help understand the nature of clinical
perfectionism and what can be done to change it.
Sarah Egan is the Director of Clinical Psychology at Curtin University, Australia and does research in cognitive behaviour
therapy for perfectionism, eating disorders and anxiety disorders. She also maintains a clinical practice.

Roz Shafran is Chair of Clinical Psychology at the University of Reading and a cognitive therapist with special interests in
anxiety and eating disorders as well as perfectionism.

Tracey Wade is a Professor in the School of Psychology at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia. Her clinical and
research interests are in the eating disorders including: risk factors (genetic and environmental), diagnostic and
classificatory issues; treatment, prevention and the impact of perfectionism.

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