BABCP Accreditation


OCTC supervisors have considerable experience at helping supervisees attain BABCP Accreditation as a CBT therapist, supervisor or trainer, including those who have not completed a BABCP-Accredited training course and / or do not have a ‘core profession’.

Depending on your experience to date, you may need to:

• Demonstrate that you have the knowledge, skills and attitudes that you would have gained form a ‘core professional training’

• Gain additional supervision hours with a BABCP accredited supervisor

• Have more ‘close’ supervision (where you and your supervisor follow your treatment of a client through all stages from beginning to end, with your supervisor hearing some of your sessions and / or formally rating them on CTS-R)

• Extend the range of problems you have treated, or number of cases treated under supervision

• Have more cases written up and assessed as case reports

• Increase your hours of CBT theory tuition

• Have a reference from an experienced supervisor who has observed your practise

• Or have supervision of your CBT supervision or training practice.

All OCTC supervisors are BABCP Accredited, and can assist you in achieving what you still need to do. For instance they can rate tapes for you, sign off supervision logs, mark case reports or essays (in line with marking criteria used on our own BABCP-Accredited University of Oxford Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and provide bespoke individualised training in specific areas.

Case Reports Marking

OCTC is experienced in providing both summative and formative evaluations, having been evaluating case reports for the academic courses we deliver in collaboration with the University of Oxford for over 25 years.

We offer a case report marking service with detailed formative feedback in addition to an overall rating and tailor it to your choice of:

Fee:  £250* (maximum number of words: 4000)

*Discounted rate of £220 per case for our PG course alumni and for those within the NHS and whose work is NHS specific.

To access this service please provide:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Title of case report
  • Word count
  • Criteria to be used
  • Date of case submission
  • Date for marking completion